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Two Green Otters


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Buket Uzuner / Everest Yayınları
Genre: Literature & Fiction

When her mother abandons her family, Nilsu loses faith in the world and everyone in it. Terrified of suffering the same fate, she breaks off relationships before they even begin. Then she meets Teo, a passionate environmentalist and one of the founders of the Turkish Green Party. Teo's close relationship with his mother has always held him back and when she commits suicide his life slips off the rails.

In this beautiful story of a youny woman's struggle to find love and acceptance, Buket Uzuner explores the complexities of human relationships. With her distinctive touch, she weaves a poignant and mayical love story of two souls in the modern world.

Two Green Otters Fathers, Mothers, Lovers and all the Others reinterprets the role of environmentalism and love in our lives today. With over 1 million copies sold in Turkey, Two Green Otters is a contemporary classic.

2. Hamur, karton, 337 pages, 2013
ISBN: 9786051416014