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Building Bridges in a Polarized World and Divided Cyprus
Kate Clerides

Building Bridges in a Polarized World and Divided Cyprus-Kate Clerides

Sweet and Bitter Island
Tabitha Morgan

On a sweltering day in July, 1878 the men of the 42nd Royal Highlanders - the Black Watch - waded... 

Κυπριακά Παραδοσιακά Παραμύθια εκ Στόματος Ελένης Μιχ. Σατσιά από το Γέρι-Πυρόϊ (1887-1982)...
Κωνσταντίνος ΓΙΑΓΚΟΥΛΛΗΣ

A Cook's Tour of Cyprus
Maurice Hassall

A recommended English heritage book that will excite your appetite by providing a memorable cultu... 

Ottoman Islamic and Islamised Monuments in Cyprus
Tuncer Bağışkan

Islamic Architecture in Cyprus

Green Line (Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974)
Soner Küfi (Soner Kıoufi)

Lost Edens - A Cyprus Memoır
Harry A. Mavromatıs

LOST EDENS includes twenty essays that take the reader back six decades to ... 

North Cyprus Sea Turtles
Marcos Gittis

Andrea Busfield

Cara, Lillian and Emilia are three women of a certain age who have one thin... 

The True Story
Andreas Karayan

I was brought up in the catholic faith, with the Damoclean weight of origin... 

Untidy Essays A Journeyman in Cyprus
Brian Self

Untidy Essays A Journeyman in Cyprus, by Brian Self Restoring Cypriot ruins, watching the Berlin ... 

Cyprus 1542 - The Great Map of the Island
F. C. Romanelli, G. Grivaud

The 7th lecture in the series “Cyprus Cartography”, entitled “Cyprus ... 

Angelina's Treasure (Cyprus 1570+)
Özay Mehmet

Angelina's Treasure, Cyprus 1570+ is a family history of Ottoman Cyprus: a story of intrigu... 

Guide To the Paphos Mosaics
W. A. Daszewski, D. Michaelides

Nea Paphos was founded at the end of the 4th century BC by the last king of Palaipaphos, Nicocles... 

Art Antique de Chypre
V. Karageorghis, O. Masson

The exhibition of the Foundation's coin collection at the Cabinet des Médailles of the Nat... 

Μαθθαίνω Κυπριακά
Πρώτον Μέρος

Ο Αναστάσης Πισσού&... 

Cypriote and Other Antiquities in The Collection of Angelos and Emily Tsirides
Vassos Karageorghis

Topta Beraber (Yunanca)
Okan Dağlı

A Guide to Kourion (French)
Μ. Iacovou

Located at the Episkopi bay on the south-eastern part of the island, Kourion is ranked among the ... 

Anıtlar ve Anılar Gazimağusa Doğu Akdeniz'in Limanı
Rita C. Severis

Face of an Island - 24 Short Stories from Cyprus
Panos Ionnides

North Cyprus a Pocket Guide

This guide is interesting as well as entertaining. The book provides information about the countr... 

The Assizes of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus
Nicholas Coureas

Levkosia The Capital of Cyprus
Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria

Levkosia The Capital of Cyprus, by Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria Reprinted from his original... 

Cypriot Ceramics - Reading the Prehistoric Record
Jane A. Barlow, Diane L. Bolger, Barbara Kling

Prehistoric Cypriot ceramics were widely traded, especially in the late Bronze Age, and constitut... 

Anıtlar ve Anılar Hükümet Konağı
Rita C. Severis

The Amazing Adventures Of the Malekidi Moggies
Valerie Knight, Katie Sabry

The Amazing Adventures Of the Malekidi Moggies-Valerie Knight, Katie Sabry

Traditional Recipes of Cyprus
Christodoulou Athos

Cyprus. The blessed island of Goddess Aphrodite proudly presents a premium cuisine of top quality... 

Aromatic and Spicy Plants in Cyprus (Hardcover)
Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou

This book describes 206 woody, flowering, non-flowering and aromatic and spicy plants (189 specie... 

Ιστορικο - ντοκουμαντερ Θεατρικα 'Εργα Ανριο Στις Παλαιες Ιστοριες Τμς Κυπρου Με "Μπλε Παραθνροφυλλα...
Sevil Emirzade

Ιστορικο - ντοκο&upsil... 

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